Six of the Best Apps For Creators

6 apps for creators

There’s a lot of great apps to wade through for artists and writers on the go, so here’s six of my favorite:

1. Procreate
Procreate is fantastic for several reasons. It is, first of all, simple. It has just the tools you need to paint and nothing more. It also gives you control over the dpi of your work as well as exports easily—layers intact—to Photoshop. But the best feature is easily the fact that it automatically creates a timelapse of whatever you’re working on.

2. Medibang
If you are a comic artist this one will make drawing panels so much easier. So, so much easier. It lets you quickly and easily slice up a page into individual panels with even margins between them, no matter how wild your layout is. Don’t get to wild though. You do want people to not be able to read your comic, after all. The app has plenty of other amazing features as well, so be sure to poke around!

3. Pinterest
Gotta have those references and bits of inspiration. Having an inspiration board for your major projects can be a lifesaver when you feel a creative block creeping up on you.

4. SoundShade
Soundshade is one of those apps that lets you design a sound environment to work in. Work best to the sounds of a coffee shop? Set one up. A storm? Set that up too. Both? Sure, you can do that. The best part is that you can set where the sounds are in space in relation to where you are. So if you want to be working in a coffee shop with a storm rattling in the distance you just drag the storm a little farther away from you and plop the coffee shop right on top of you. It is wonderful.

5. Handy
Ironically, I find Handy most useful for its head models. Specifically, its lighting setup abilities. You can set up incredibly complex lighting systems—including ones with colored lights—on the various models included in the app. It is an invaluable tool for making sure you’re getting a tricky light source correct in whatever bit of art you’re working on.

6. Scrivener.
Ah Scrivener, what would the world do without you? Now that this fantastic program is available in both desktop and mobile versions you’ll never have an excuse to not be working on something. It has everything you need to keep your whole writing project organized in one place. No more twenty folders for one book. Build your characters, your world, your scenes, your chapters all in one document. Or build your blog. Or collect your short stories. The program is so versatile, there really isn’t anything you can’t do with it when it comes to any type of writing.

Obviously, there’s a ton of amazing apps out there for creators. What are some of your favorites?


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