10 Signs You Might Be Obsessed With Shadowhunters

10 Signs you're obsessed with Shadowhunters

1. You’ve got at least one rune tattoo.

2. The only dress you own is a cosplay dress from the franchise.

3. You keep anything remotely related to the franchise, including popcorn buckets and cups.

4. You have multiple copies of the books. Enough that your shelf is starting to bend.

5. You own every possible book related to the franchise. Every. Single. One.

6. You have a full-sized poster of the cover of one of the books.

7. You’ve got more than one rune tattoo.

8. You’ve written more fanfiction for the franchise than you’ve written for anything else in your life.

9. You’ve got at least three years of pre-orders lined up and ready to go.

10. You buy multiple copies of the books when they come out just to make sure you get all the special content.


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