Vats of Boiling Wax. What could go wrong?

Pink's Hand Candle

If you ever went to any type of camp as a kid, you probably had that one councilor that was possibly a little nuts but in a way that little-you thought was the best thing ever. Maybe they liked to eat weird things, or talked in funny voices, or told weird stories. Or maybe they dipped their hands into boiling pots of wax. Alright, possibly that last one is a little more outside the norm, even for weird camp councilors, but that was just how Pink rolled.

Now, “Pink” was not her actual name. None of the councilors at Flying “G” Ranch used their real names. Pink, however, was a very accurate name, as she had hot pink hair. She also had piercings, beads in her hair, paint covered/homemade clothes, a love of the outdoors, and a generally artsy nature. Honestly, she is 90% of the reason I am who I am today.

Pink, for the majority of my time at Flying “G” (I went there multiple times over several years), ran the art shed. This meant she taught us things like weaving, bracelet making, book making, paper making, etc. Good times. Then came the day for us to learn candle making. Pink had various colors of wax boiling on the tables and wicks for us to dip. She walked us through how to dip the candles to build up the wax, how to mold them into various shapes as we worked, how to carve them, etc. We all got to work, mostly making a lot of lumpy sticks of wax. I still have my candle from this event and it is…ah…it looks like a dick. Whoops.

Now, about midway through this Pink starts eyeing the pot of red wax. Then she eyes her hand. Then she eyes the pot.

“Don’t imitate me,” she says. And then she promptly plunges her hand into the heated wax.

At this point all of us kids are watching her with rapt attention, and the other councilors are watching her with mild concern but not moving to intervene. Probably they were used to this sort of behavior from her. She leaves her hand in there for a few seconds, then pulls it out with a perfect coating of wax. She lets it cool a bit, then dips it again. She does this a few more times, then carefully cuts the mold off of her hand and uses a lighter to melt the two halves back together. She then cuts a hole in each finger for a wick, and carefully spoons more wax into the hand until it is full.

At the end of it she had a badass hand-candle, and we had a bunch of lumpy wax sticks and a new idol.


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