Launch Codes: Week 3



Accomplished this week:

  • Undertook the planning for a huge edit to my current manuscript, Bound by Kith. It involved a lot of note-cards and curse-words. Chapter 5 is now chapter 1, chapter 3 is now chapter 2, chapter 7 is now chapter 3, the original chapters 1/2/4 have been cut entirely, and there’s two more murders than I started with.
  • Digitized all those note-cards into the digital file and reworked the new chapter 1 so that it works right as the new chapter 1.
  • Plugging away at the Corpse Pile illustration. I think I’m going to run a small Kickstarter for some special edition high-quality spot gloss prints when I finish it. I’d like to eventually run some bigger Kickstarters for my books and such, but I want to test the waters first with a smaller project and I think this would be a good one.
  • Worked on a couple commissions.
  • Started cleaning up my social media. I’m trying to widdle down on what I use regularly so I’m not spread so thin and can properly focus on things.

Meant to get done this week, didn’t get done:

  • I did not get any work done on Gunpowder & Pine. I just got to swamped with other work.

Goals for next week:

  • Next week is going to be a huge week of edits on Bound by Kith, again.
  • Finish two pages of G&P.
  • Working on the corpse pile.
  • Work on some commissions I’m taking to help get over the gap between jobs I’m currently in.

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