Launch Codes: Week 7

Accomplished this week:

  • Exhibited at Galaxy Fest in Colorado Springs. It was a decent little convention, and I wrote a review about it here.
  • Gunpowder & Pine work. Kinda. Grey numbers are last week’s counts for reference.
    • Thumbnails: 36/36 pages 36/36 pages
    • Paneled pages: 36/36 pages 36/36 pages
    • Inked pages: 11/36 pages 11/36 pages
    • Lettered pages: 11/36 pages 11/36 pages
    • Colored pages: 3.5/36 pages 4.5/36 pages
  • Worked on a prismacolor marker illustration of my character Dustin. Just wanted to dig into some traditional media a bit, because I’ve been doing so much digital lately. (I actually started this last week and totally forgot to mention it in last week’s post.)
  • Sent the first 10 pages of Gunpowder & Pine to some friends for critique.

Meant to get done this week, didn’t get done:

  • More work on G&P. Galaxy Fest just totally took it out of me  and I had zero energy to do anything afterwards. (Eventually I’ll remember that conventions ALWAYS do this and I won’t schedule myself to do anything for a few days after them.)
  • Finish the second chapter of GiP:B1 for my critique group. I did get the first chapter done and sent off for critique, though.

Goals for next week:

  • Working on G&P. I’d like to get at least three more pages inked and lettered next week.
  • Reading! I need a break from society so I’m running off into the wilderness for the weekend with a stack of books. Hopefully by the end of it my brain will have reset a bit and I’ll be able to jump back into work.

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