Launch Codes: Week 10

Accomplished this week:

  • Scheduled several months worth of Patreon posts for Gunpowder & Pine.
  • Updated my tumblr layout and tags so everything is better organized and easier to find.
  • Updated my website, including getting the mobile version to a functional state. The mobile version still isn’t perfect, but it is usable now.
  • Updated my wordpress. I’m actually considering getting rid of wordpress entirely, though. I need to slim down on how many websites I actively use/post on, and I can easily do everything wordpress offers on other platforms I use. Also, I just freaking hate wordpress. Posting is fine but trying to edit the actual layout and such of blogs is just a nightmare.
  • Updated the 3D model of Vivian’s house. I use a Google Sketchup model I built to make backgrounds much quicker when I’m drawing Gunpowder & Pine. The model has been done for awhile, but I needed to tweak a few things to make it more useful, like adding an actual wood panel floor instead of just a picture of a wood panel floor and that sort of thing.
  • Wrote two true-life stories for my tumblr. One has posted, the other will post next week, probably.
  • Worked heavily on Glory is Poison Book 1. It involved lots of colored pens, which are my best friend when it comes to editing.
  • Gunpowder & Pine work. Last week’s numbers in grey.
    • Thumbnails: 36/36 pages 36/36 pages
    • Paneled pages: 36/36 pages 36/36 pages
    • Inked pages: 12/36 pages 13/36 pages
    • Lettered pages: 12/36 pages 13/36 pages
    • Colored pages: 5.5/36 pages 11/36 pages

Meant to get done this week, didn’t get done:

  • Did not get any work done on my new book blog I’ve got planned. I’ll get to it eventually, but I’m not in a huge rush since I haven’t announced anything about it or made any promises yet.

Goals for next week:

  • Work on Glory is Poison Book 1. I’d like to get the outline at least half done if I can pull it off.
  • Marketing for Gunpowder & Pine.
  • Work on Gunpowder & Pine pages. I didn’t get a ton done this week because I was prepping to post everything, so I’d really like to dive back in next week.

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