Launch Codes: Week 16

Accomplished this week:

  • Developed the floor plan of a luxury commercial airline for another novel project I will eventually be getting started on. Don’t know when I’ll get to it, but I just got the urge to develop the plane.
  • Started outlining a memoir non-fiction book thingy. Not entirely sure where I’m going with it yet, but it will be heavily focused on Grand County Colorado and all the stories I heard growing up there. This projects is probably a long way off from being done, but it’ll be a fun thing to chip away at for the next few years.
  • Attended DINK in Denver. I got so many awesome comics to dig through there. Can’t recommend this convention enough if you’re looking to pick up some awesome indie comics and graphic novels.
  • E-mailed my portfolio to the Birdy magazine after chatting with them at DINK.
  • Bit of work on the AtCS painting.
  • Gunpowder & Pine work. Last week’s numbers in grey. Back to working on G&P. Taking a break was super helpful and I’m totally read to jump back in now. (Also, I reached 1k views and 36 subscribers on Webtoons in only 8 pages!)
    • Thumbnails: 36/36 pages 36/36 pages
    • Paneled pages: 36/36 pages 36/36 pages
    • Inked pages: 18/36 pages 18/36 pages
    • Lettered pages: 18/36 pages 18/36 pages
    • Colored pages: 15.75/36 pages 16.5/36 pages

Meant to get done this week, didn’t get done:

  • Didn’t get my tutorial that I filmed last week posted. I’ll get to it eventually, but it isn’t a huge priority.
  • Didn’t work on GiP:B1

Goals for next week:

  • Work on Glory is Poison Book 1. Got a bit of fiddling left to do and I need to digitize it into Scrivener.
  • Work on the All the Crooked Saints painting.
  • Continue working on Glory is Poison.

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