Launch Codes: Week 17

Accomplished this week:

  • Started laying out some new signage for my convention booths.
  • Laid out and ordered some new stickers to sell at conventions and giveaway to my awesome supporters.
  • Started posting Gunpowder & Pine on Tapastic. I got over 50 subscribers in less than a week and I’m stupidly happy about it. I queued all pages up to page 18.
  • Prepped the next chunk of Patreon reward files.
  • Organized my files.
  • Drew a quick full-body illustration of Vivian for a “thank you for subscribing” digital card to send to people who’ve subscribed to Gunpowder & Pine.
  • Editing on Glory is Poison: Book 1. I also posted the first chapter on tumblr along with a survey about it so I could get some better feedback, and it has been very helpful.
  • Started working on a layout/concept art sheet for Vivian’s house.
  • Gunpowder & Pine work. Last week’s numbers in grey. I have officially reached the halfway point of part 1!!! I’ve now got a 9 week buffer for posting, which is wonderful. This is the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken, so reaching this milestone feels great.
    • Thumbnails: 36/36 pages 36/36 pages
    • Paneled pages: 36/36 pages 36/36 pages
    • Inked pages: 18/36 pages 18/36 pages
    • Lettered pages: 18/36 pages 18/36 pages
    • Colored pages: 16.5/36 pages 18/36 pages

Meant to get done this week, didn’t get done:

  • Didn’t get my tutorial that I filmed posted. I’ll get to it eventually, but it isn’t a huge priority. Theoretically I WILL get to this eventually. Probably.
  • Didn’t work on the All the Crooked Saints painting.

Goals for next week:

  • Work on Glory is Poison Book 1 outline. Got a bit of fiddling left to do and I need to digitize it into Scrivener.
  • Work on the All the Crooked Saints painting.

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