Launch Codes: Week 22

Accomplished this week:

  • Worked on my layout for Denver Comic Con. I’ve gotten it mostly laid out, I just need to fidget with a few things and price stuff properly. Also have a couple more little things to order like more print sleeves.
  • Started setting up gigs on Fiver. I never realized it was so customizable before. I’m really trying to push my freelance work more because retail work is just so unstable.
  • Gunpowder & Pine work. Last week’s numbers in grey. I’m falling a little behind, but I’m losing hours at work which is bad for my wallet but good for the comic, so…?
    • Thumbnails: 36/36 pages 36/36 pages
    • Paneled pages: 36/36 pages 36/36 pages
    • Inked pages: 23/36 pages 23/36 pages
    • Lettered pages: 23/36 pages 23/36 pages
    • Colored pages: 18.20/36 pages 19.5/36 pages

Meant to get done this week, didn’t get done:

  • Didn’t get my tutorial that I filmed posted. Theoretically I WILL get to this eventually. Probably.
  • Didn’t work on the All the Crooked Saints painting.
  • Didn’t work on Glory is Poison. However, working on Haunt has helped get me back into a writing grove so that should help.
  • Didn’t get any new artist trading cards done.

Goals for next week:

  • Work on Glory is Poison Book 1 outline. Got a bit of fiddling left to do and I need to digitize it into Scrivener.
  • Finish pricing my convention table.
  • Make more artist trading cards.
  • Gunpowder & Pine work.

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